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24/7 towing service available

Service and repair for old and new wreckers

We specialize in the enhancement and repair of older wreckers and the building of custom towing equipment. We can also update your newer wreckers with the addition of state-of-the-art hydraulic booms, chassis rolls, and improved quality winches and recovery legs.

Sales, maintenance, and repairs

• Heavy duty wreckers and light duty wreckers

• Tractors and service vans

• Specialized equipment

• Trailers

• Support vehicles

• Routine maintenance for tow trucks

• Tow truck repairs and improvements

• Total rebuilds of old tow trucks

• Heavy equipment repairs and maintenance

• Custom fabrication and welding 

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We are recognized by the National Towing Alliance as having a Four Star Ranger Towing rating!

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Rose Ledge Companies specializes in the installation of Zacklift Add-On Under-Reach systems and Kilar Recovery systems, as well as Air Cushions USA.

We regularly offer to sell our custom built units. These trucks are built to the owner’s exact standards and are all configured and maintained for work readiness. We can also build your dream truck on your chassis or remount your body.

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